Arnold Sports FestivalIt's not about winning or losing

The Arnold Sports Festival is Australia's largest health and fitness expo and multi-sport festival. It annually showcases elite sporting events alongside the latest trends in the health, fitness and sporting industry.


Australia's largest showcase and exhibition of sports. Backed by one of the most successful superstars in the world. The Arnold Sports Festival had grown to be about more than just the body-building competition. Attendees raved about the energetic, fun and brilliantly exciting showcases of bizarre, niche and entertaining sports. But the sponsors didn't know, and there was a stigma that was holding back mainstream brands from backing the event the way they did other similarly attended events.


Fluid took the leadership group at Arnold Sports Festival Australia through a workshop process to pull-apart what made the event so unique. Working together, Fluid and the clients wrote a brand positioning for sponsors that would answer some of the significant concerns and lead the audience segment down the investment funnel. Fluid then took that positioning and crafted a brand manifesto to guide the way the brand would speak to its audiences along with a new expanded investment and sponsorship pitch document.


With the new tools in hand, the client was able to secure two major new sponsors for the event, including JBL speakers. When the team shared the documents with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the global leader meeting, he commended the Australian team on setting a new benchmark for communications.

"Very wise"