GMHBAYou’re in good hands

GMHBA is an Australian not for profit health insurance and care company that has served the community since 1934. GMHBA had the ambitious goal to grow allied health insurance services and expand their membership.


In 2015, GMHBA was gathering steam as regional Victoria’s health insurer of choice. With a severe lack of choice of brand name outlets being offered in regional Victoria across the dental, eye care and health sectors, GMHBA was in a prime position to capitalise on the trust of its members to build a holistic health company.


Leveraging GMHBA’s distinctive brand assets, including its rounded health cross logo and bright blue, white and green colour palette. Fluid helped GMHBA bring to life their authentic brand purpose as a supporter of local connected communities, to develop engaging outlets all across Victoria that build up the GMHBA brand’s mental availability.


During a three year tenure with Fluid GMHBA memberships increased by over 56% and now covers as many as 416,455 Australians.

Fluid is a valued partner who is creative and highly collaborative. They have a strong ability to grasp technical health industry concepts and information and deliver in a consumer friendly way, while also supplying new ideas and approaches. Fluid achieves an outstanding service level and engagement with our organisation.