South FlankBig Thinking Big Challenges

More than just miners, BHP is one of Australia’s most recognisable brands and one of the world’s most essential companies


In 2018, BHP began a project to build the world's largest iron ore mine. The new infrastructure at South Flank would be world-class. The mine was to be responsible for half of all WA's iron-ore exports. BHP's challenge was meeting staffing commitments while also meeting ambitious gender equality targets in a traditionally male-biased industry.


The solution was to reach out to new candidates, people with transferrable skills for whom a transfer to mining may not have been something they would have considered before. Fluid developed an audience segmentation and channel plan to drive audiences down the recruitment funnel. Then working with project partners; Fluid developed video scripts, digital advertising and social media posts that helped address any myths about the industry and encourage consideration of BHP's employment value proposition.


BHP South Flank filled all the required roles to meet its construction and operation targets but more importantly achieved a 41% female workforce far exceeding the industry average of 13%. South Flank was held up at shareholder meetings as a clear indication of where BHP wanted to take the company as a whole.