Superior Liquorice CoThe fantastical voyage

Fyna Foods is an Australian confectionery company responsible for classic Australian sweets and lollies such as Wizz Fizz and Fads who created Superior Liquorice as a new challenger brand to Darrell Lea.


Fluid was challenged by Fyna Foods to develop a new original brand for its liquorice products. The new brand was to be a celebration with an old-world twist that reflected the style of sweets and their local provenance.


The key to creating the new brand's identity was the exploration of popular turn-of-the-century Australian brands. In collaboration with celebrated currency illustrator Stuart McGill, Fluid developed typography and character illustrations with quirky, magical twists that could have been taken straight from a Jules Verne novel.


The final brand identity and packaging designs featured on the American Institute of Graphic Arts Gallery, Retail World Magazine and World Brand Design Society websites.

Fluid has been instrumental in the creation of the Superior Liquorice Co brand. Building a brand from scratch can be challenging, especially when the parameters of the brief were obtuse. Fluid clearly understood we wanted something adventurous and responded accordingly with a selection of strong creative platforms. Each had merit and it was certainly hard to choose. Once we settled on a creative direction, their approach to delivering the project was outstanding. The investment in delivering the brand narrative and how we communicate this across different channels, packaging, POS, and digital is instrumental to bringing our vision for Superior Liquorice Co to life. Engaging Fluid was a ‘fantastical’ decision!